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Welcome to the Living Room of the Count

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Who We Are

Poort van Cleve

Experience the timeless charm of our fortress city. Enjoy a delightful meal in a unique monumental building, right in the heart of historic Grave.


On the corner of Hamstraat and Klinkerstraat, Mr. Abels decided in 1881 that it was high time to expand his grain trade with a café. Likely inspired by the success of a café with the same name in Amsterdam, he named it 'Die Port van Cleve,' which became known as 'De Poort van Kleef' in popular speech. The significance of the city of Kleef in trade and industry was also a good reason to use this name. Around 1900, the café was successfully expanded with a hotel, which became well-known in the area for providing a good night's sleep, a pint of beer, a glass of wine, and later also food. The corner location on Hamstraat was a good choice, as it was the main shopping street of Grave in the 19th century and long before. This is where the entrance to the café is located, while the entrance to the hotel, which is now the main entrance and terrace, was on Klinkerstraat.


In the years to come, the hotel function ceased around the 1970s. One of the hotel rooms is now accessible via the staircase of the old café and offers a beautiful view of the streets of Grave. The lively hotel/café has become a brasserie in the 21st century. The billiard table has been replaced with tables, and the sidewalk is now the terrace. However, the bar is still in the same place as it was 140 years ago, the clock still ticks softly as it did then, and you will feel immediately at home in the warm, cozy atmosphere of the living room of Grave. Host Lutijn Groeneveldt and his team warmly welcome you to our small, cozy eatery, where we are happy to serve you our homemade dishes combined with a drink, or you can relax with a good cup of coffee or lunch on our beautifully situated terrace in what we believe to be the most beautiful fortress town in the country.



years the living room of Grave

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Enjoy our homemade lunch and dinner dishes, regularly changing menu, seasonal specials, or just a nice platter or soup.



Our cozy bar is where many stories have been shared over the years. Will you come and create stories with us over a drink?



Organizing a party, meeting, gathering, or game night? We are happy to think along with you. For every occasion, there are possibilities at 'De Poort van Cleve.'

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